About Us

What we do

Torana Inc solves challenges in the real world. Started in 2005, Torana Inc ventured to create a unique ETL system that would revolutionize how data would be transferred. Continuing on the path to achieve the goal of accessibility, Torana Inc now works to transform the outdated idea of corkboards and post-its around the office into a digital, easily accessible program that connects each employee, employer or peers with one another.

Our Story

In 2016, Torana Inc created a highly qualified task force to recreate the idea of an everyday pinboard except on a digital scale.

By creating CircleYard, Torana Inc. has taken communication, collaboration and connectivity to the next step. Through its versatile interface, Torana Inc brings to its customer the ability to broadcast news, social happenings around the workspace, and much more through touch screens / Digital Pinboards in common rooms or personal accounts through the Web / Mobile app.

We strongly believe that connectivity within the workplace from employee engagement is the key to a successful business. Therefore, we will continue our steadfast belief in connecting your work space to the highest degree possible.