Your Organization's Own Pinboard with a Digital Twist

The perfect way to update employees at all locations about important announcements and happenings in your organization. Keeps your employees connected to each other irrespective of their location. All activity happens under these categories on the CircleYard Board.


Announce, inspire or break ice using images, audios, videos and files. Post them in ‘General’.


Share images of office events, summits, conferences and parties. Organize photo events and make office environment more vibrant.


Archive pep talks and speeches by the management. Get colleagues to post ideas or elevator pitches.


Cover office events through videos and post them here. Implement Employer Branding strategy using videos.


Post PDFs, presentations and useful links for everyone to refer when they need.


Sell, buy, look for, swap, get rid of or advertise anything under the sun in ‘Marketplace’.


Sell what you don’t need. Buy for less from people you know.


Get the word of mouth started about your own product or product idea whether it is about homemade cakes, craft or repairing services. Start a discussion and get more ideas.


Deal in kind. Swap books, DVDs, vinyl records, superhero merchandise, or anything you can imagine.

Look for/Get rid of

Give away what you don’t need. Look for anything; the search might just end here.


Organize Events and send invites.

Announce Events

Announce an event & share all details regarding it, including address, start date and time, end date and time and an image to perk it up.

Send Invites

Invite colleagues and have them RSVP to an event.


Conduct company-wide polls and surveys.


Take a poll regarding an internal issue or about what’s happening in the world. Fun or serious, polls can get conversations started.


Analyse what colleagues think about any issue with surveys. It could be an internal policy or a current event or anything fun.

Customize Your CircleYard Categories

Organize content better with categories you can create. For more ideas, read this.

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